How to Detect Invisible Ink Markings on Infrared Marked Cards?

Most of us would have watched magic shows. Have you ever thought about how the magicians perform that magic? This article provides an answer to it. The article will throw light on the detectability of invisible ink marks while playing cards and performing magic shows. Infrared contact lenses have been proved to detect infrared marked cards. To know more about infrared contact lenses read the full article.

The history of the infrared contact lens was popularly used by magicians, but later on, it spread to the entertainment industry as well.  

Uses of Infrared contact Lenses

  • Infrared contact lenses are particularly used in card gambling that helps the player to detect the invisible markings behind the cards which human eyes cannot see. 
  • The ultraviolet vision present in the infrared contact lenses helps your eyes to see the wavelengths that cannot be normally seen. This is the reason why magicians can perform jaw-dropping magic by simply wearing an infrared contact lens.
  • This type of lens allows the player to dominate any kind of poker game as the person will be able to read the markings on luminous cards.
  • Hidden messages can be read by using infrared contact lenses. 

Invisible markings on infrared marked cards can be easily detected by the following ways:

  • A poker scanner can be utilized in finding out if there are invisible marks just by reading the cards that are used for playing.
  • Sunglasses and infrared contact lenses can be worn in finding out the invisible markings on a poker card.
  • Another way to detect invisible markings is to use a barcode scanner in which the poker analyzer will send you signals if there are any invisible markers. 

Various kinds of infrared contact lenses are being supplied to detect the invisible ink markings in poker games. Marked cards with IR poker lenses can easily detect any type of fraudulent activities with the help of the infrared rays. There are also plenty of lens colours available in the market like green, blue, brown, etc. You can buy the one that does match your eye colour.

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