Here Are the Real Benefits of Owning a Stainless Steel Barbecue or Grill. Entertaining With Style

We’ve all bought the cheap offerings that are available from the Far East, and have inevitably regretted doing so. A perfect example of this is the £€$10 barbeque. On the face of it, it’s a bargain. In reality, it’s a piece of rubbish that lasts little longer than the one use BBQ’s available in every supermarket. Why do we do this? I think it’s a case that we con ourselves into thinking we’re getting a bargain and seem to fall for it repeatedly. busbar system

Even if an outdoor grill is well made (far eastern or otherwise), most standard grills are made from mild steel. They may well be galvanised, they may be powder coated on top of galvanising, but all that is required to destroy the grill is water ingress to the underlying raw steel, maybe through a scratch in a screw hole or rivet fixing point, to start the unit corroding, causing it to look a mess and then fall to bits.

We really should take advantage of the invention of my fellow Yorkshire man, Harry Brearley, who discovered stainless steel in 1913. There are dozens of different stainless steel barbeques available now, including lots from the Far East. My only advice about Far Eastern imports is that although the bodies of the BBQ’s should be good, and not rust, the same is not always true of the fastenings. Keep an eye on screws and nuts and bolts etc. and replace with stainless alternatives. These are generally very cheap to buy and will extend the life of even the cheapest imports by many times.

If we are entertaining friends and family to a barbecue, the last thing we want our friends to see is a rusty old barbecue grill. It does not give a good impression about the quality of our food, if only by association. If you check out your internet you’re going to see stainless steel BBQ’s that cover the range from tiny ‘fold up’s’ to mighty ‘V12 Super Monsters’, I perhaps ought to point out that although that was an exaggeration I’m sure you got the point anyway. If we are going to entertain friends we may as well impress them too!

If you want to get real value for money, for goodness sake don’t buy disposable BBQ’s. Yes, they are handy, but have you noticed how little fuel they contain and how close to the coals the food is? Of course you have, we all have. The next step up is the silly little mild steel unit that looks great when it comes out of the box, but disappoints scant weeks later. Even so, these units still provide better value for money that the disposable types.

Welcome to the 21st century. Stainless steel bodied barbecues are the only way to go. They look absolutely great, perform brilliantly and impress. Let’s face it. If we are entertaining family and/or friends, we want to impress them! The last thing we want is for them to think is that we are less than perfect! Whether you are using the very effective (but small) Esbit or the super charged almost 12KW Broil Master, your ‘audience’ is going to be suitably impressed by the clean lines that stainless steel allows.

You really should look at the stainless steel alternatives that surround you. They do cost a little bit more than their cheap skate relatives, but they really are worth the extra Dollar.

Stainless steel barbecues, grills and griddles are a huge improvement over all other types. They are convenient and clean, and last far longer than mild steel alternatives. Competition is such that prices are only slightly more than their mild steel competitors. Instead of repeatedly buying replacement barbecues every year, take a look at Stainless Steel BBQ. You’ll be amazed by the range that is available now.

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