Engine Transplants With Used Engines

There are a number of reasons someone may wish to transplant an engine. More often then not it is for the performance benefits so this article will focus on these transplants.

The engine transplant is not a new phenomenon it has been a part of the car modifying culture since bootleggers replaced the engines in their cars with flat head V8’s to help them outrun the police. These days the game is much the same but with a greater variety of high performance engines. The traditional V8 into smaller cars is still popular, but the import scene and predominantly Japanese performance market now accounts for a large percentage of the engine transplants performed. used engines

The complexity and expense of engine swaps can be a deterrent to many but there are many transplants which are quite straight forward and well documented especially in the Honda world. The more popular swaps quite often have transplant kits a lot of the time these kits contain everything you need including well written instructions. If you do not go the kit route the main things you need to consider when doing a swap is gearbox compatibility (especially in a FWD application), fuel system and engine management. Engine swaps are something best left to the mechanically minded. For people who aren’t inclined to do the procedure themselves, there are auto shops available that will do the work for a fee.

The advantages of engine swaps are numerous, whether its increasing the performance of your current ride or looking at breathing new life into a project car the result is quite often worth the time and expense.

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