The 4 Step System The Pros Don’t Want You To Know About Selling Affiliate Products

Ever wonder why the pros and gurus get the maximum amount of sales with what seems like little effort. It does not matter what type of affiliate product you are selling, this technique can be used to sell pretty much anything. It has been used by the best in the business and I will now share this with you. calphalon toaster oven

The system is called the 4 Ps.

The 1st P = Pain

Pain, this is the primary driving force behind a customer buying your product. They are in pain and they need your help. They have a itch and they need you scratch it, not literally. I dont think you will make much money traveling around scratching peoples itches.

The best examples of this are affiliate marketing and internet marketing products. There are thousands of products out there for instance so if someone is struggling with making money from the internet and you have a product that can take them step by step on a path to internet success you have a solution to their problem.

A more common everyday example is a kitchen cleaner, the problem or the pain is that the customer needs to clean a work surface or a kitchen appliance. You have a excellent new cleaning product that will do this for them. You have the perfect product to remove the pain.

The 2nd P = Process

Process, This is how your product will help to solve the customers pain. In the example above about the kitchen cleaner the process would be how your product can remove all dirt and stains and leave the cleaned object looking like new. Essentially you have to explain to the customer how you can solve there problem.

To do this you need to supply the potential customer with information, the most popular and successful methods are informative product descriptions, features, benefits, reports, presentations, step by step guides etc. The exact type of communication method depends on what you are selling and how your competition are doing it.

The 3rd P = Proof

Proof, OK, you have identified the customers pain, they have read your sales literature but they are still skeptical. It is our human nature to question everything and believe nothing until it has been proven to us.

How do you prove to the customer your product will work and do everything that they wish. The best way is to provide case studies, reviews and testimonials from your existing customers. Nothing sells a product better than a review, just look at all the giant electronics websites out there. They all have reviews of products and star ratings that have been left by existing customers. This is the single best piece of proof you can get, it reassures the customer that somebody else had the same pain they did and this product has removed it.


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